Your best friend in Italy!!!

Dorè: Your best friend for shopping! Dorè helps you through a "personal portrait" to focus on what you are looking for in Italy : fashion, food, beauty, culture.
Beauty: treatments that can really "suit" to your taste (chocolate, coffee, goat milk, grapes etc). Dorè wants to make you feel and look good.
Food: excellent wine, delicious goat cheeses, golden honey, in one word whatever you would like to eat!
And then "last but not least"
Fashion: the last trends you are looking for!
What is the Advisor Coupon?
It is a wonderful gift!
First of all you are given a schedule either about yourself or about the person you are giving the gift: colours to wear, fragrances (you may be either a musk type or a violet type for istance), make-up and so on and then you will be given some advice about where to go to find whatever you want (sometimes with some really good prices only for Dorè friends).