Personal Advisor for Tourism

Your Personal Advisor in Italy! You are planning your Italian tour.
You would like to taste the Italian delicious food, to find the best Italian Spas, to participate at glam cultural élite events .
Our consulence will be up to satisfy your requests.
If you want some advice before coming here we even offer an e-mail consulence!
Our core business
we provide hostesses and personal shoppers for fairs and meetings
and press office assistants for Italian and Swiss press

Your best friend in Italy!!!

Dorè: Your best friend for shopping! Dorè helps you through a "personal portrait" to focus on what you are looking for in Italy : fashion, food, beauty, culture.
Beauty: treatments that can really "suit" to your taste (chocolate, coffee, goat milk, grapes etc). Dorè wants to make you feel and look good.
Food: excellent wine, delicious goat cheeses, golden honey, in one word whatever you would like to eat!
And then "last but not least"
Fashion: the last trends you are looking for!
What is the Advisor Coupon?
It is a wonderful gift!
First of all you are given a schedule either about yourself or about the person you are giving the gift: colours to wear, fragrances (you may be either a musk type or a violet type for istance), make-up and so on and then you will be given some advice about where to go to find whatever you want (sometimes with some really good prices only for Dorè friends).

Micam 2008 - 2007 and Mifur 2007-Fashion weeks in Milan

Micam - Mifur
Our hostess service was there!
We aim at giving you simply the best of the last trends:
shoes, furs, and the most exciting defilés of the week!

beauty addicted...

Here we are! We have been participating at press conferences about
brand new beauty trends...
we are only waiting for explaining them to you!

Dorè is about making a difference. A difference in your life, a difference in your business.
Time Saving, Exclusivity, Anonymity. Whether you need an assistant to help you choose a new wardrobe, just one outfit, or work with you on a regular basis to keep your clothes up to date and ahead of the crowd, then Dorè's Personal Shoppers are there for you. Dorè can also arrange a makeover with one of our image consultants to give you not just a new wardrobe, but a completely new look.
Deciding to change the way you look, beauty takes a lot of consideration. It is your body, and naturally you will want to place it in the safe hands of experts.
Or you may run a business and are looking for ways to differentiate yourself from the herd. Dorè helps here too by shopping for unusual and often unique corporate gifts, and our image consultants can make sure your corporate team reflects your business values in the eyes of your clients.

Being greedy in Italy is a must!That’s why we want to make food shopping as easy and convenient as possible.We can help you to discover both a famous restaurant and a small "superbe!"unknown one. We can help you to organize a luxurious dinner and other...

So glam as Paris Hilton? So cute as Julia Roberts?
What are you looking for in Italy? Beauty treatments? Greedy dinners?
Please tell me about your interests:
I am an Italian journalist and I will be very glad to know your ideas about shopping in Italy!